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AWS Certified Welding Inspection

AWS Certified Welding Inspection

At IIA Field Services, we have a team of AWS Certified Welding Inspectors on staff. We are here to meet your CWI Services needs from Visual Inspection to Welder Testing. We also offer Procedure creation and qualification services. Our team is trained, certified and knowledgeable in in the standards and procedures established by The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), The American Petroleum Institute (API) and The American Welding Society (AWS).

Radiographic Testing

Radiographic Testing (RT)

IIA Field Services specializes in providing top-notch Radiographic Testing (RT) services for various industries, ensuring the integrity and safety of welded components through non-destructive testing methods.

With our years of experience and team of highly trained and certified professionals, we are dedicated to delivering accurate and reliable results to meet our clients' needs.

IIAFS Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)

Magnetic Particle Testing

At IIA Field Services, we specialize in providing comprehensive magnetic particle testing (MT) solutions for ensuring the integrity and safety of welds across various industries. With our advanced techniques and experienced technicians, we offer unparalleled accuracy and reliability in detecting flaws and defects in welded components.

Ultrasonic Testing (UTT)

Volumetric non-destructive testing method that uses sound waves to propagate through an object to determine the thickness.

Conventional Radiography (RT)

Non-destructive testing method using gamma rays to detect welding imperfections on welded components.

Magnetic Particle (MT)

Inspection method for locating surface or shallow sub-surface defects on ferromagnetic material.

Dye Penetrant (PT)

Test a variety of both metallic and nonmetallic materials such as welds, forgings, castings, plastics, and ceramics to detect surface flaws.

Ultrasonic Testing (UTT)

Volumetric non-destructive testing method that uses sound waves to propagate through an object to determine the thickness.

Digital Reporting

IIA Field Services utilizes digital reporting, complete with technique sheet, for all methods of service from Radiography to Post Weld Heat Treatment. Our digital reporting process eliminates typical concerns related to legibility, lost reports, and traceability.

Electronic Report Tracking

Our ERT system allows us to immediately provide follow-up information related to AFE, job name, and lines. We can actively track repairs and provide timely feedback; ensuring corrective action while limiting fears about welder competency and pipe integrity.

Computed Radiography

IIA Field Services is a market leader in Computed Radiography and utilizes the smallest, lightest CR system designed specifically for NDT use. It is built for high image quality and improved productivity using direct input from mobile X-ray Technicians. The speed and efficiency with which we conduct testing is greatly increased while image quality and sensitivity remain at a high level. Consistency in image quality is achieved through programmable settings and filters. Images are processed in seconds; expediting weld approval and clearance. Images may be exported for immediate auditing or imported into CAD drawings for package detailing. Measuring tools, image viewing techniques, and electronic storage / transfer help ensure a first-rate product is delivered to you and your customers.

IIA Field Services has pushed the boundaries of computed radiography capabilities in our pursuit of delivering outstanding results. Applications include corrosion mapping, comparative analysis, and code compliance (including lab, facility, fabrication, and mainline).

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