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Certified Welding Inspection

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IIA Field Services, Your Trusted Partner for AWS CWI Services

At IIA Field Services, we have a team of AWS Certified Welding Inspectors on staff. We are here to meet your CWI Services needs from Visual Inspection to Welder Testing. We also offer Procedure creation and qualification services. Our team is trained, certified and knowledgeable in in the standards and procedures established by The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), The American Petroleum Institute (API) and The American Welding Society (AWS).

Welder Testing

IIA Field Services’ Welder Testing Services is where precision meets certification! With our Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI), we offer comprehensive testing services tailored to meet your specific needs. Our team works within your organization’s Written Procedure Specification to ensure your welders are qualified and tested to procedure. Whether you require qualification testing for new welders or re-certification assessments for experienced professionals, our CWI team brings expertise and reliability to every project.

With our CWIs, you can trust that your projects are in capable hands. Our CWI conducts thorough evaluations, meticulously analyzing weld quality and adherence to welding procedures, from visual inspections to destructive testing. By partnering with IIAFS for your welder testing needs, you can elevate the proficiency and safety of your welding operations, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and fostering a culture of excellence.

IIAFS Welder Testing
IIAFS structural welding inspection
IIAFS structural welding
IIAFS structural welding

Visual Inspection

IIA Field Services’ CWI certification allows us to perform qualified Visual Inspection Services. With an eye for detail, our highly trained and certified staff will visually inspect for surface indications such as cracks, corrosion or erosion, and overall structural integrity. Our CWI team is knowledgeable and proficient in inspecting welds from stud welding to structural components to the pipeline; we can support your project needs. We serve many industries including civil construction, structural welding and many facets in the Oil and Gas Industry. IIAFS is ready to partner with you to meet the Visual Inspection needs for your next project.

Welding Procedure

Creation and Qualification

IIA Field Services is experienced in the creation of approved Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) as well as qualifying procedures to acceptable standards (PQR). Our CWI’s will partner with you to identify the needs of your project and develop a plan to create welding procedures that meet or exceed the required standards but also give our clients the flexibility to be successful. Whether you are following the guidelines of ASME, API or AWS, IIA Field Services has the expertise to support your needs.

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Whether you require standalone CWI services or integrated inspections combining CWI with radiography, IIA Field Services is here to meet your welding inspection needs. Partner with us for reliable, efficient, and comprehensive inspection solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our CWI services and how we can support your projects.